1. Hope for people, but do not trust them. We are a flawed race. Trust God.
  2. There is only one, truly uncomfortable thing about life and it is death.
  3. Be who you want to be. People judge others regardless, because that’s what people do. They don’t like what they don’t understand.
  4. Life is magic when it is viewed through the lens of true love.
  5. Regardless of how others handle situations, always remember you are able to control your end of the situation by being in control of your emotions.
  6. Many people go through what you go through. We are never alone.
  7. Be nice to yourself. Be nice to others.
  8. When you’re angry…run. Literally, go run some laps.
  9. True happiness rarely comes from what you think you want.
  10. Stand up with your chest out and head up when you walk.
  11. A clean diet and a clean room can change your entire life.
  12. Willpower is often conquered by fear. “You convince yourself to keep things the same, even if you’re not happy.”
  13. Peace begins when we step outside of ourselves, and step into another’s life. Peace is compassion and acceptance.
  14. Give a fuck about the things that really matter.