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Nikki Byrd is the creator of ‘You’re Welcome in Advance’, a blog aimed to spark revelation in the human soul and expose the mind to new ideas and interests. As an avid reader, writer, and deep thinker, Nikki’s posts are written to generate thought and promote a positive perspective of life in pursuit of our wildest dreams. The overall objective for her audience is to give them hope for mental and emotional freedom, a deep desire that inhabits every human soul.

Nikki Byrd // @nikkimbyrd

Why Yellow?

Yellow is the best color to boost enthusiasm in your life and can contribute with greater confidence and optimism. It loves challenges, especially the mental kind. In color psychology, yellow is known as the color of communication. It is a great speaker, networker and journalist, who all work and communicate on the mental level. The color yellow is the scientist, who constantly analyze things and look methodically on both sides of a case, before making a decision.